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DD Plasmids/CIPE Vectors

The DD plasmids are exclusively used to regulate protein concentration post transcriptionally. In this system the stability of the newly transcribed protein depends entirely on the presence or absence of a cell-permeable biologically inert molecule like Shield 1 or Aqua Shield-1.

Salient Features

• Pre-cloned DD domain
• Suitably located Multiple Cloning Site
• Restriction sites at N and C terminals of the DD domain

Product Name Catalog Number Price (USD)


CIPE-CF1 $200 Buy Now Vector Map
CIPE-CF2 $200 Buy Now Vector Map
CIPE-CF3 $200 Buy Now Vector Map


CIPE-NF1 $200 Buy Now Vector Map
CIPE-NF2 $200 Buy Now Vector Map
CIPE-NF3 $200 Buy Now Vector Map