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Shield Ligands


A water soluble small molecule ligand like Shield1 with equivalent affinity towards the destabilizing domain (FKBP-12). AquaShield -1 is specially designed for in vivo applications, however it regulates protein concentration in vitro with similar efficacy as Shield 1. Available in quantities from 0.1 mg to 50 mg.

We also provide AS1 as a 0.5 mM/1 mM stock (aqueous), contact us for details


A cell permeable small molecule ligand with affinity towards the destabilizing domain (FKBP-12).Shield -1 can be used to regulate protein concentration within the cell. Available in quantities from 0.5 mg to 50 mg.

We can custom produce if you need larger quantities, please contact us.



Product Name Catalog Number Quantity Price (USD)


AS1-0.5 mM 500 μL $280 Buy Now
AS1-1 mM 500 μL $400 Buy Now
AS1-00005 0.5 mg $300 Buy Now
AS1-0001 1 mg $450 Buy Now
AS1-0005 5 mg $1,600 Buy Now
AS1-0050 50 mg $9,000 Buy Now


S1-0001 0.1 mg $150 Buy Now
S1-00005 0.5 mg $300 Buy Now
S1-0001 1 mg $450 Buy Now
S1-0005 5 mg $1,600 Buy Now
S1-0050 50 mg $9,000 Buy Now